More For Your Money Monday: Kids Cruise Free on MSC Cruises

MSC Logo on the Poesia in Curacao

Did you know that there is a cruise line that actually lets kids cruise FREE on every cruise?  MSC Cruises, a lesser known cruise company from Europe, offers free cruises for kids 11 and under and typically $99 for those 12-17 years old.  The only costs will be government port charges and fees.  Gratuities are additional as well for children over 3* but only half the price of adults.  The children must be the 3rd or 4th passengers in a cabin with two adults paying Early Booking or Regular Rates.

Unfortunately MSC does not have any cabins on any of their ships that hold more than 4 passengers in one cabin, so MSC is great for families of 3 or 4 OR  you could travel with the grandparents like we do and put your older 3rd and/or 4th children in their room and still qualify for the free or $99 child rate.

MSC offers Caribbean and Canada/New England cruises in North America as well as Northern Europe, Mediterranean, South African, South American, and Transatlantic cruises.  We sailed the beautiful MSC Poesia over Thanksgiving in 2009 which was built in 2008.  This is their ship that currently cruises in the Caribbean and Canada/New England.

If you have any questions about MSC, feel free to leave them in the comments, and I will try to answer them below or in another post.

*I am not positive of the free gratuity policy, but my 6 month old and 3 year old at the time were NOT charged gratuities on the MSC Poesia.

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8 comments to More For Your Money Monday: Kids Cruise Free on MSC Cruises

  • avatar Tatyana

    Hello, we are looking at taking our first family cruise on the Poesia. Being our first, I am very concern about the schedule of the activities and the things to do during the time that the ship is in port. Any suggestions ?

    • Tatyana,
      If you can clarify what your concerns are a little more, I will try to help you. Are you going to the Caribbean? Do you have children that will be going to the children’s programs? Are you not planning to actually get off the ship at the ports?

      Typically a cruise will have various activities during the day such as pool activities – games and music, bingo, seminars, port information talks, shopping talks, etc. There are less planned activities on port days during the day. If people choose to stay on the ship when it is in port, typically it is to enjoy the pool and sun with a smaller crowd. You can always borrow games to play as a family, eat!, exercise in the gym, play minigolf (if open), play basketball or shuffleboard, read a book from the library, or just relax. They also play recent movies on your stateroom TV. Casinos and shops are closed during port time and reopen once the ship is at sea. Each evening is a live show in the theater before or after dinner depending on your seating time and activities in the lounges such as music and dancing.

  • avatar Tatyana

    Caribbean, was what I was thinking about. While in port is it very hard to get around? Are there alot of scammers? What would be some of the things to do with kids while in port and wanting to look around the diffrent areas of the city? It seems like the rates are good for the cruise, but are there alot of hidden fee that the crusie line don`t you about untill the last minute. I hate being stuck with a big bill after the cruise.

  • Hi Tatyana,

    It really depends on the port as to what will be available. Many ports you can just get off and roam around and shop (such as Cozumel, St. Thomas, and Costa Maya). Some have beaches right there that are free. “Scammers” are going to be almost everywhere. You just have to travel smart. Keep most of your valuables on the ship in your safe. Keep your kids with you and have fun exploring a new place. I would suggest to NOT go on a shore excursion with someone standing on the pier offering them as a last minute option. You have no idea if you can trust them and if you will get back to the ship on time.

    One thing that drives me crazy are the shop people standing outside of their shop trying to get you to go in at many of the ports. I just try not to make eye contact and keep moving.

    Going on a ship sponsored shore excursion is your best bet for feeling safe and comfortable while exploring a port. Some are not that expensive ($30pp or so) and offer a tour of the island or city and even offer discounts for kids depending on their age.

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