Cruise Tip Tuesday: Bring Reusable Water Bottles

Contigo Water Bottle

Contigo Water Bottle

This might seem obvious to some, but you really should bring some sort of reusable water bottle on a cruise for yourself, and probably at least a spill-proof cup or bottle for your kids. 

Here’s Why to Bring a Water Bottle:

  • To have safe, free, clean water while in port, on excursions, at the airport, etc. – Even buying bottles of water (or soda) in countries like Mexico could be dangerous as the tops of the bottles could be sprayed with their unsafe water and you could get sick.
  • To have a cool drink with you all day if you wish instead of having to go to the water or iced tea dispensers (usually at the buffet) when you are thirsty
  • To never have to pay for bottled water on your cruise as the water on ships is clean and safe - cruise lines sell bottles on your way out in port and have water in your cabin for sale at highly inflated prices

Make sure your kids have no-spill bottles or cups as well.  We bring the cups to breakfast to fill with juice for the kids to last past breakfast.  For sanitary reasons you need to use one of the ship’s cups to fill at the dispensers, but then you can dump the juice into your children’s (or your) cups. 

Juice is only available (typically) at the buffets for breakfast.  Children can usually get juice in the main dining rooms for lunch and dinner.  So, if your kids are heavy juice drinkers, fill up at breakfast!  Same goes for milk.  If you have a fridge in your room, you could probably keep a cup or carton of it in your cabin for later. 

We love the Contigo water bottles as shown above.  You can drink with one hand, and they are BPA free.  They are just a little bigger than we would prefer.  We bought a three-pack at Costco.  Here is a review I read that convinced me to buy them.

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