Cruise Tip Tuesday | Bring a Large Tote Bag

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If you are going to do any shore excursions involving water, you are going to want to bring a big tote bag for your towels and other beach items (sunscreen, change of clothes, extra diapers, wipes, goggles, etc).  The cruise ship will provide pool/beach towels for you to check out or to take from your room, so you will need a tote bag to hold them that does not take up a lot of room in your luggage.

We bring a large neon green bag we got free as a promotion somewhere.  It is falling apart, but it has done a great job in the past.  For a better quality option that folds into a small pouch, consider the Big Baggu.  It is quite large and collapses down to a small zippered pouch only 7″ x 7″.  The Big Baggu bag shown below measures 18″ x 33″ x 9″ (including the handles) and holds up to 50lbs.

Big Baggu

Big Baggu Tote Bag

A large compactly folded bag can double as a laundry bag for dirty clothes later on in your cruise or even as a last minute carry-on bag if you end up buying too many souvenirs.

As an added bonus you could probably hang the bag on your stroller assuming you are cruising with little ones and take it with you for shopping while in port.  The bag can also be used at home – not just as luggage for a cruise – for trips to the pool, shopping, and laundry.

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2 comments to Cruise Tip Tuesday | Bring a Large Tote Bag

  • Super practical tip! We pack and use our collapsible bag all the time on cruises and other trips. It definitely helps if the bag is all or mostly waterproof so your wet swimsuit/towels/toys don’t get all over you during transport back to the ship/hotel. Ours was a nice stateroom gift from a Celebrity Cruise about 6 years ago. It has been around the world, and seen better days, but still going strong!

    • Thank you for the comment! Using a waterproof bag is a great idea, especially if it air dries quickly. A washable tote like those Baggu bags is also a great feature. I also try to bring some plastic grocery type bags for super wet things like swimsuits.

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