Cruise Tip Tuesday: Check the Menu Before Dinner


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If you have picky eaters or supertasters in your family, especially adults, you might find it important to check the dinner menu before getting all dressed up.  The dinner menu will often be displayed outside of the main dining rooms each afternoon.  

The kids menus do not usually change and will most likely have something that your kids will enjoy.  The dinner menu could be a problem for a picky adult.  Usually there are several options for appetizers, main course, and dessert but some could have a problem with there not being something on the menu that sounds appetizing.  A cruise line will usually have a list of items that are always available, such as grilled chicken breast and caesar salad, but why wait over an hour to eat a meal when there are other quicker options? 

So what to do if a family member can’t find anything desirable on the menu?  They can go to the buffet or other quick service restaurant and order pizza, burgers, french fries, etc. without having to sit through the three plus course dinner.  If you have young children eager to go to the children’s program that evening, the picky adult could feed them at the buffet as well.  You do not have to go to the main dining room every evening for dinner.  If you prefer you could actually go to the buffet every night and never have to dress up (rules for dress vary by cruise line).

Another advantage of checking the menu ahead of time?  You will be ready to order once you are seated.  This could really speed things up for your family especially if you have young children who have trouble sitting through long dinners.  Of course you could also follow some of my tips on keeping the kids entertained at dinner.

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