Cruise Tip Tuesday | Security In Ports

And that doesn't include the camera

You might see some sort of port security personell once you leave the ship, but this Cruise Tip is about the security procedures when you re-board the ship after spending time in port.

When you exit the ship in port and re-board, your cruise card will be swiped.  This keeps track of the passengers to ensure everyone arrives back on board.  All passengers, including babies, must have their card to exit the ship.  Each time your card is swiped, your picture will show up on the computer screen so that security knows that you are the passenger.

The cruise ship will set up metal detectors and x-ray machines when you re-board the ship after spending time in port.  Cruiselines will tell you to not bring any food off of the ship when you arrive in port, and the ship will also not want any food (especially fruit) coming on board from the foreign port.  This protects everyone from bugs, mold, and such that other countries do not have.  We have safely taken our own packaged snacks as well as boxed cereals from breakfast off and back on to the ship without any problems.

The security personell are also looking for drugs, liquor, and weapons.  If they find liquor, it will most likely be held for you until the end of the cruise.  The walk-thru machines for people do not seem to set off as easily as airport ones.  I try to not wear metal belts or metal hair clips, though.  All bags will be x-rayed.  Usually you can just keep your baby or toddler in their stroller and push them through.  Security will make sure no bags or other items are on the stroller.

You will NOT be asked to take off your shoes or dump your liquids! 

photo credit: dlisbona

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