Frugal Family Friday | Cruise Deals Out of Southern California

San Diego Harbor

Most cruises out of Southern California go south to Mexico, roundtrip Hawaii, or one way through the Panama Canal.  The Southern California ports are Los Angeles (Long Beach and San Pedro) and San Diego.  The cruise deals below will be for cruises through the end of 2011.  The first cruise deal has cabins for families of 5 people.

November 14, 2011 – Carnival Paradise – 4 Night Mexico – Out of Los Angeles
Visits: Catalina Island and Ensenada, Mexico
Inside: $269 1st/2nd passengers, $109 3rd/5th
Oceanview: $294 1st/2nd, $129 3rd/5th

November 13, 2011 – Carnival Spirit – 5 Night Mexico – Out of Los Angeles
Visits: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico (2 days)
Inside: $364 1st/2nd, $139 3rd/4th
Oceanview:  $399 1st/2nd, $159 3rd/4th

December 11, 2011 – Carnival Splendor – 7 Night Mexico – Out of Los Angeles
Visits: Peurto Vallarta, Mazatlan, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Inside: $484 1st/2nd, $169 3rd/4th
Oceanview: $579 1st/2nd, $209 3rd/4th

photo credit: prayitno

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3 comments to Frugal Family Friday | Cruise Deals Out of Southern California

  • avatar Marie

    We are a 1st time cruising family. Traveling with 2 kids 8 & 10. I would like to try a shorter Mexico cruise but am concerned about the rumors I’ve heard about out of control travelers (young, drunk, puking & passing out everywhere). We are fine with the party atmosphere as long as it is contained or at night where we can keep the kids away from it. Any advice on a cruise line that we could try out of California?

    • Marie – To look for possible cruises I like to go to to search based on departure ports, dates, length of cruise, etc. It is free to sign up and helpful in seeing what is available and when. Doing a basic Bargain Search there for a California departure for 3-6 days returns only Carnival Cruises. Once you find something you are interested in, I would suggest going to and putting in your group size and date and see what the price would be for your family.

      The best time to cruise would be when children are in school of course and when college students are in session. Just about the worst time would be during the spring break period when college students take cruises or during major holidays. Summer break can be expensive and a little crazy as anyone and everyone can get time off to cruise. Assuming your kids are in school and not homeschooled, you might be able to do a short 3-5 day cruise that uses the weekend so your children only miss a few days of actual school.

      If your kids enjoy going to the kids/tween programs, they could be there almost all day while at sea and at night after dinner on sea and port days. The partying would be at the pools during the day and in the bars and lounges after dinner. So your children might see some craziness at the pools, as I know Carnival has games and encourages “fun” at the pools so that is to be expected.

      Hopefully this helps you a little. Like I said, your children would see very little of it if they went to the organized children’s programs a lot like mine do. They might see a little bit in port, though.

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