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05-21-07 Road Trip 042 French Quarter

French Quarter, New Orleans, LA
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I am back…for now!  I have no idea at this point as to how often I will post, but hopefully more than I have been.  I have gotten a lot more traffic to this blog lately without even posting.  So thank you to all the recent visitors!  I hope some of my tips have been helpful to you.

So here is a quick tip:  Book a post cruise excursion with the cruise line to ensure easy transportation back to the airport.

Our last cruise was out of New Orleans, and we booked Norwegian’s post cruise New Orleans excursion.  After meeting in the theatre at a specified time, we were basically led off the boat as a group and did not have to wait in any long lines to disembark.  We picked up our luggage, and it was placed under the bus.  We learned a little bit about the city and history and were then dropped off right at the airport.  Since we have young children, I always worry about taking taxis without car seats and actually fitting in a taxi.  With the excursions, you are usually taken via charter bus and there is no need or worry about car seats for children.  If you have any interest in the city of disembarkation, it might be worth the cost and ease of booking the post cruise excursion offered by your cruise line.

As a bonus, kids are usually charged a discounted rate, and oftentimes infants and toddlers are free.

One thing you must ensure is that your flight leaves the day the cruise ends AND that it is late enough in the day to actually have time for an excursion.  A return flight departure of 1pm or later is usually safe, but I would consider 2pm to be better.  It really depends on the length of the excursion and distance to the main airport.  For example, if you were to cruise out of Port Canaveral, FL, you might want to consider a later flight since you would probably be flying out of Orlando International Airport which is approximately an hour away.  You will usually see information in the description of the excursion that tells you how late your flight needs to be to go on the excursion.

As an alternative, you could contact the cruise line and buy just transfers from the port to the airport, but the price might not be much less than buying the excursion with the tour.

As a reference, the 2.5hr tour that Norwegian Cruise Line sells from New Orleans as a post cruise excursion is $49 for adults and $29 for children.  I am almost positive that children under 2 are free.

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