Frugal Family Friday | Holiday 2012 Cruises

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Merry Christmas to my readers!  Obviously it is too late to book a holiday cruise for this year, but do consider booking one for next Christmas or New Years.  Booking early is usually better for the holidays if that is the only time you can go on a cruise, but it would be best to wait for some sort of cruise line sale such as reduced deposits or onboard credits.

Christmas is going to be a Tuesday in 2012 due to it being a Leap Year.  The weeks of Christmas and New Years are probably the most expensive of the year.  Third  and 4th passengers will typically cost close to full fare as well. If you can get away the week before Christmas or the week after New Years, you will pay significantly less.

I will not be posting any specific pricing this week.  One cruise line to consider for a holiday cruise is MSC Cruises.  They have offered some decent holiday pricing in the last few years, so do consider them especially if you only have 1 or 2 children as their cabins only hold up to 4 passengers and Kids under 12 Sail Free.  If you have 3 or 4 children, you might be able to travel with the grandparents like we did for Thanksgiving 2009 and have all of your children sail for free!

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