Cruise Tip Tuesday | Check Food Availability Hours

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Crown Princess Buffet
photo credit: tsuacctnt

Cruise ships have a variety of restaurant choices. The daily program guide that arrives in your room each evening at turn-down will list the hours and restaurant options for the next day. Hours can change based on what time the ship is in port.

There will always be a buffet option for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  For breakfast and lunch, usually only one of the typical two main dining rooms will be open as most passengers will eat at the buffet for those meals.  There might be additional meal options such as a barbeque on the pool deck that might not be offered each day or a hamburger grill spot.  The buffet is typically crowded at peak lunch times, and alternate dining choices might be a better option.

Many ships have an afternoon tea time with snacks, cookies, and other desserts.  Ice cream might be available from a soft serve machine or an ice cream counter at certain hours in the afternoon as well.  Most cruises will have at least one late night dessert buffet or snacks in the casino once the main buffet is closed.  Some ships will even have food available almost 24 hours a day at one location.

Children can be hungry at odd times especially if they are used to having snacks available anytime at home.  Knowing what is available is key to keeping your children happy with plenty of energy to play.  We usually eat breakfast at the buffet, one or two lunches in the dining room with the rest at the buffet, and most if not all dinners in the dining room. We will sometimes feed the children at the buffet before our dining room meal time and then drop them off at the children’s play room so that we can have a more peaceful dinner and they get more time to play.  My kids will usually get ice cream in the afternoon, cookies at tea time, and something before bed after their evening play time.

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